Day One.

Though, it’s a little late its OK. There’s really no rules here. Especially since, I just started this and I need time to learn about what I’m doing exactly. Any-who I really want to blog about what I have learned in this life. More specifically what I have learned in the last 8 years of my life. Before I get more into depth, I should say that I’m very big in my faith. I believe in God and in everything he can do. This past year has been a big one for me and getting to know who I am in God has been huge to me. My main goal in all of this is to form a community of people helping people. A christian walk is a lonely walk, therefore having a place where we can all encourage each other through his word is warming to the heart. I am both excited and nervous for this. If I fail, then I fail, but at least I tried.

Aside from this being a heart warming place, I also want to track this as a journey for myself. As I mentioned earlier getting to know myself in God is huge to me. This means I’m on that journey.  I will never be perfect, but I know that I am enough being who I am because God created me in his image. I am currently in a place where everything seems new to me, and you’ll later know why. But for now, welcome to my little piece of the internet! I do hope you’ll stick around.

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